Preparing to Use a Storage Unit

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There are times when you need to store your personal belongings. You may need to store the items from you entire home, or just from a few rooms. Many times, these units are necessary when a move is upcoming. The new home may not be ready when the old one sells. Other times, things may need to go into storage during a home renovation. Whether you are or heading off on a great adventure, plan ahead. It takes little preparation to get the most out of your self-storage experience. Start ahead of time if you can, so that you have time to make reservations and purchase supplies.

Choose a Location and Transportation

When you become aware that you are going to need a storage unit, call around and check on availability. You can usually choose between indoor or outdoor units. If you are going to be storing things that cannot get hot, like family photos, it is important to look for an acclimatized unit. You may need to also think about how your furniture may react to extreme heat. This decision may also depend on where you live. Some areas are not subject to extreme heat, therefore, outdoor unit may not be as detrimental to your items. Many companies also offer discounts for the first month, and free use of a van for moving day.

Purchase Supplies

Your plan for storage is much like that of a regular move. Your items need to be packed well to be transported. You need boxes, markers, and special wrap for delicate items. Plastic pins can be more protective for long-term storage. You may need to wrap furniture to keep it clean for the transport and storage. You may have to do a little research to find the proper covers for couches and mattresses. Make sure your items can fit well into the space. Consider the size when you are choosing your space. The boxes can be stacked fairly high to save space. Storage units in San Diego are available in a variety of locations.


Consider the cost when preparing for storage, as well. This is going to be a monthly bill. When the bill is not paid, your items are eventually auctioned off. Once you default on the bill, your storage unit is locked by the company so that you cannot remove your items. Late fees on these units can be extremely high. Once you miss a payment, it can be difficult to get the funds together to save your items. Choose a unit that fits your budget. This may mean you have to compromise on the size, location, or climate control option.

Preparation for a local move or living abroad can be a lot of work, yet also exciting. You can easily make arrangements at a self-storage unit if you are determined to keep most of your belongings. You can prepare best when you start well ahead of time. It is a good idea to compare prices and services at different locations. You also need to decide on the size and type of unit you prefer. Transportation is often free when you sign up for storage. Securing your items is a big part of your move or adventure.