Priest testifies fellow clergyman sexually assaulted him in bed

A priest has testified against another clergyman who is on trial at the High Court in Glasgow for a string of sexual abuse charges. The unnamed priest, now 61, claimed that Father Francis Moore, now 82 and retired, assaulted him in bed as he was sleeping.

(REUTERS/Ints Kalnins)A priest in Scotland testified that his fellow priest sexually abused him.

In his testimony, the priest said that he had woken up one night to find Moore by his bed and touching his genitals. The latter, who appeared quite drunk, apologized when the witness got mad but the incident happened again after a few weeks.

"His hand was under the covers on my genital area," the priest said in his testimony.

"His head was close to my genital area," the witness added and stated that he had reported what happened to the bishop.

Moore is standing trial for abusing a boy at the St. Mark's Primary School over 40 years ago. A former altar boy also testified that Moore had abused him at the beach during one of their recreational activities.

The witness revealed that Moore had taken special interest in drying him with his trunks off after they swam. The priest sexually abused the boy but it was not until he was 18 when he told someone about what happened.

Another witness, now in his 50s, claimed to have been abused by Moore when he was around 11-13 years old. Like the witness from the beach, this man said that Moore had taken interest in drying him at the changing room at the Magnum Leisure Center in Irvine.

Moore has denied the claims of all his accusers. He said he had been asked to undergo a lie detector test with the police during his interrogation in 2015.

"It disgusts me that would happen to a child," he said in response to the allegations he had abused a boy at St. Mark's. Moore also denied he knew the boy when the National Child Abuse Investigation Unit showed the picture.

Moore became an ordained priest in 1960. He had been in six parishes in the southwest region of Scotland.