Self-promotion a dangerous trap that prevents Christians from reaching God-given potential, says Bill Johnson

Self-promotion is a dangerous trap that could hinder Christians and many ministries from achieving their God-given potential, Bethel Church senior pastor Bill Johnson warned his audience in a recent sermon.

(WIKIMEDIA COMMONS / Doctorg)Bill Johnson teaching at a conference. 20 October 2017.

In a sermon last week, Pastor Johnson used the story of Israel's King Saul and King David to explain the effect of self-promotion beyond God's timing and will. David was not a perfect person but he had won God's favor, and the Lord designated him as king to replace Saul because of the latter's disobedience, the Gospel Herald relayed.

There were several times when Saul tried to kill David, and God delivered him from those dangers. David also got the chance to kill Saul, but he refused to give in to that temptation, even if doing so would have accelerated his promotion as king. His restrain led him to kingship in God's perfect time.

"Self-promotion causes many ministries and many individuals to never reach their potential, because they relied on self-promotion," said Pastor Johnson. "Maybe in the guise of, 'Well, if I do this correctly, more people will get saved, more people will hear the gospel, more people will read my book, more people will do this or that,' not realizing they're driven by a need for recognition, a need for applause."

Moreover, Pastor Johnson said there may be times when they would feel deeply insecure and would feel the temptation to hear applause from other people. However, when the praise they are craving for is given to others, it could prompt "ugly things" to come out of a person.

Last month, Johnson spoke about the practical ways that Christian parents can raise godly children with. He reminded them that the "most basic place" for parents to teach kids about God is at home, the Gospel Herald said in a separate report.

Referring to Proverbs 22:6, Pastor Johnson said parents were given the responsibility to "raise them up in the way they should go," thus taking into consideration the child's unique traits. He said the early years in the life of a child was their chance to show who God was and how he was as a father to Christians.