SoCal Harvest 2017: Pastor Greg Laurie urges Christians to stand against racism and prejudice

Harvest Christian Fellowship senior pastor Greg Laurie has urged his audience at the SoCal Harvest 2017 gathering at the Angel stadium on Aug. 18 to stand against racism and to pray for America every day.

White nationalists clash against a group of counter-protesters in Charlottesville. August 13, 2017. | REUTERS / Joshua Roberts

During his evening address at the SoCal Harvest 2017, Pastor Laurie joined other Christian leaders' call for unity against racism. His message, titled "A Second Chance for America," included his take on the violent protests in Charlottesville, the Christian Broadcasting Network detailed.

"For a follower of Jesus Christ, there is no place for racism, bigotry or prejudice of any kind," Pastor Laurie told the 26,000 attendees of the SoCal Harvest 2017. He added: "There is no superior race. We are all part of the human race."

In addition, Pastor Laurie encouraged the listeners to take a "second chance" in God's forgiveness. He shared his own experience when he was growing up full of hate and in a drug-filled home.

Ahead of the SoCal Harvest 2017, Pastor Laurie conveyed a similar message about racism to the Orange County Register. He criticized Christians who defend their racist ideology in the name of their faith, saying this practice contradicts the teachings of the Bible.

"There is no place in our society for prejudice and racism. When people carry crosses to defend a racist ideology, that is a complete contradiction of scripture," Laurie told the OC Register. "Nazis were anti-Semitic and anti-Christian and to invoke any imagery from that era is reprehensible."

In addition, Pastor Laurie said the message of the SoCal Harvest remains the same, just as people's questions about life and the afterlife do not change. He said the message of this Crusade is that Jesus Christ has the power to destroy all kinds of barriers.

For Pastor Laurie, denouncing racist ideologies is needed, especially in the wake of the violent protests in Charlottesville which took a deadly turn. He said different kinds of people attend the SoCal Harvest and yet they stand as one in front of the Lord because they are part of a big family.

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