Some interesting facts about the rhinoceros diet

((Unsplash/Kevin Folk))

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There are various species of rhinoceros known as White, Black, Indian, Sumatran, and Javan, etc. All species of rhinos are herbivores, which means they only eat vegetation and no kinds of meat. Therefore, they do not hunt for food but mostly spend their time by grazing or browsing through their natural habitat to search for plants, stems, or grass to eat.

The type of foods which each species of rhinos eat may vary based on their immediate habitat and natural elements available for them. In terms of the food they eat, rhinoceroses are not fussy. They tend to eat a wide variety of twigs, fruits, stems, leaves, and grasses. Let's discuss the rhinoceros diet of the 5 major species.

White rhino

The white rhino is notable for its wider and flatter upper lip, which is so as an integral part of their diet habits. Such a shape will let them graze easily on grasses, even those types of grasses which are so short on earth. The flat upper lip allows the rhino to get as low down as possible to the ground and then pull the grass with ease. White rhinos are pure grazers.

Black rhino

Black rhino species is notable for its distinct shape of the hooked type upper lip. This shape will help them to pull leaves and twigs off the branches by effectively stripping wood. The also seems to feed on tasty herbs and succulents which they can easily hook out by using their upper lip around the plants. During wet season while plants are green and lush, black rhino tend to eat whole plants than just leaves and fruits. Black rhinos may eat a variety of thing, i.e., more than 200 plant species. Unlike white rhinos, black rhinos don't usually eat grass.

Indian rhino

Indian rhinos tend to graze or grass than browsing for vegetation which is situated higher up from the ground level like fruits and twigs. It is noted that the Indian rhinos mostly favor wetlands and tend to spend time in cooler waters if possible. With this nature, Indian rhinos also feed on some aquatic plants, which are juicy and succulent.

Sumatran rhino

Sumatran rhinos tend to be opportunistic feeders as they will not skip any opportunity to feed themselves. This diversifies their diet as they tend to eat what is available at given time based on the season and other environmental factors. As Sumatran rhinos largely live in a tropical environment compared to others, they mostly enjoy fruits and leaves.

Javan rhino

Javan rhinos are primarily a browser, and they prefer to browse through the lowlands and water bodies to search for food. Their diet primarily consists of moist foliage like twigs, new shoots, and different type of fruits falling from shrubs or trees. Based on the given time of the year, their diet also becomes quite diversified.

Apart from food intake, rhinos also tend to drink a lot of water, several times a day. Their habits are usually formed around abundant water sources. However, in some areas where water is not readily available or tend to dry out during hotter seasons, rhinos have the capacity to survive several days at a stretch without water. They may get the moisture content from the rich amount of vegetations they eat.