'Steven Universe' season 2 news: 'Steven Universe, Crystal Gems' showcases new cover

BOOM! Studios has a new "Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems #1" cover in the bag.

(BOOM! Studios)Cover for the first issue of "Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems" designed by Steven Sugar

BOOM! Studios is currently exhibiting at WonderCon 2016, a comic convention being held at the Los Angeles Convention Center from March 25 to 27, with a couple of panels scheduled at the convention. The comic book publisher prepared three covers for the show, including one for "Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems," with the other two being for "Jonesy" and "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers."

The "Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems #1" cover was designed by none other than Steven Sugar himself, brother of "Steven Universe" cartoon creator Rebecca Sugar and the basis for the quirky half-human Steven Universe.

With fan signings open for the "Steven Universe" comic artists, fans not only were able to purchase copies of "Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems #1," they were also able to have their copies signed. 

"Steven Universe and The Crystal Gems" comic series was BOOM! Studios' attempt to quell the jittery anticipation among restless fans who are still waiting for the second half of season 2 of "Steven Universe." The first issue titled "Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems #1" was released back in March 16, featuring the quirky protagonist Steven and his supernatural guardians, the Crystal gems, in a ghost story that suddenly springs to life.

Meanwhile, in other "Steven Universe" news, it seems as if two video clips from the second half of season 2 were leaked on the Internet back in Feb. 26. The clips promised the return of some interesting characters from the series like the destructive Malachite, the spiffy Alexandrite, the Watermelon Stevens, and, of course, the ever moody Lapis Lazuli.

If the clips are authentic, it seems that "Steven Universe" fans have a lot to look forward to in the coming episodes.