Tesco draws flak over Christmas ad featuring Muslim family

British grocery giant Tesco has drawn flak over its new Christmas advertisement which includes a scene showing a Muslim family preparing for the occasion, with some describing it as wrong and offensive.

(REUTERS / Toby Melville / File Photo)A woman walks past a Tesco supermarket in central London, December 9, 2014.

Just last week, Tesco released its 2017 Christmas advertisement that showed how different families greet each other and prepare for the festive event. The one-minute ad also featured a Muslim family carrying presents and exchanging bags for the occasion, The Birmingham Mail detailed.

Tesco's new Christmas ad may have appeared heart-warming to some, but a number of people thought it was the opposite.

One Twitter user, who appeared to be a devout Christian in their profile, said it felt offensive. Another forcefully questioned the grocery chain's decision to show Muslims celebrating Christmas and said it was wrong because they do not participate in these festivities.

Yet another Twitter user wondered if Tesco would later have an ad featuring "a white family celebrating a Muslim holiday." The same person insinuated boycotting the company and said Britain was being destroyed by political correctness.

Still, there were others who appreciated Tesco's message. One applauded the grocery giant for including Muslims in the ad while another said the scene was "perfectly normal."

There was one who was more concerned about why vegans were not included in Tesco's "Everybody's Welcome" Christmas campaign. One woman complained that she would not be having a turkey from the store because she was vegetarian, The Daily Mail reported.

For some, their main complaint about Tesco's Christmas ad was its timing. One viewer thought that it was too early to launch the campaign, considering that it came out on the first week of November.

Tesco, on the other hand, issued a statement that said its Christmas ad would highlight the various ways that people celebrate the holiday and the role that food plays in the occasion.

"Everyone is welcome at Tesco this Christmas and we're proud to celebrate the many ways our customers come together over the festive season," said Tesco via a representative.