Tesla Model 3 price, release date, news: Self-driving car may be Tesla's most reliable car yet; plus, things to know about the upcoming vehicle

(Reuters/Tesla Motors)Tesla Motors' mass-market Model 3 electric cars as seen in their promotional photo.

The Tesla Model 3 may not have been shipped off yet but it has already been dubbed Elon Musk's simplest and smallest vehicle his firm has ever made. Apart from that, the much-awaited vehicle is also believed to have already generated around 400,000 preorders — a feat that can now only be outclassed by Tesla itself.

Albeit lately, the phrase "most reliable" can now be added to Tesla Model 3's growing list of post — well, that is at least according to Jake Fisher, the director of Consumer Reports' automotive testing.

Fisher has noted, "When we have looked at pure electric vehicles, they are every reliable, which makes sense: they are every, very simple." He stressed that electric cars which are "at their best" only require a battery, an electric motor along with a single-speed gear ratio.

On the other hand, Fisher has added that what would be interesting to see in the coming months is whether Tesla will be foregoing some of its "delight and surprise features" on Tesla Model 3. These features are, according to Fisher, what have hurt Tesla lately. These were evident on its Model X, which boasted falcon-wing doors and its power front doors.

Tesla Model 3 obviously wouldn't just rely on these praises at the moment as the vehicle is also bound to wow its users with some of its rumored features. The upcoming vehicle is speculated to run at least 215 miles on a single charge and will showcase self-driving features.

Meanwhile, Bloomberg has cited that Tesla Model 3's interior will be introducing a rear pew that can fold completely flat. And with its seats down, the unit's cargo will stretch from the back of the front seats all the way to the end of the boot, which will open up around 66 inches of room.

Tesla Model 3's production is expected to begin halfway through 2017. The vehicle will cost £30,000 to £35,000 (US$36,534 to US$42,623).