Texas church shooting prompts pastors to plan active shooter training for congregation

The church shooting in Texas on Nov. 5, which has been dubbed as the deadliest mass killing in the modern history of the state, has prompted local pastors to plan for active shooter training for their congregations in their coming Sunday services.

(REUTERS / Rick Wilking)The playground at the site of the shooting at the First Baptist Church. November 6, 2017.

In a post on Facebook on Sunday evening, True Bethel Baptist Church pastor and Buffalo Common Council president Darius Pridgen said he was planning to have professionals conduct an active shooter training during their upcoming services. He added that there were other church leaders who had called him to say that they also wanted a similar program, WIVB relayed.

"It's not about you know whether we need guns in church, or weapons in church but what are the simple things members are to do?" said Pastor Pridgen. "Are they to stay in the building are they to get up under pews? It's simple things that could save a life."

In addition, Pridgen aimed to conduct similar trainings for council members and the public. He said he would brainstorm with local authorities to design a training plan and would outline his ideas on Nov. 13.

In the wake of the deadly Texas church shooting, U.S. President Donald Trump spoke during a press conference in Tokyo and highlighted the mental state of the suspect. He discounted gun ownership as a factor in such incidents and said the gunman was reportedly a "very deranged" person who had suffered from a variety of problems for quite some time, The Guardian reported.

Trump also expressed his condolences to Sutherland Springs after the deadly mass shooting. He added that Americans should remain united during tragic times just as they have always done and conveyed the whole country's support for those who were grieving in the wake of the tragedy.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott also lamented the lives lost in the church shooting on Sunday and said: "There are so many families who have lost family members, and it occurred in a church, in a place of worship. That's where these people were mown down. We mourn their loss."