Texas GOP candidate admits his children will inherit money if they marry straight white Christians

A former judge and Republican candidate running for Dallas County Commissioner admitted that he has created a trust fund for his children as a reward if they end up marrying straight white Christians.

(Pixabay/geralt)A Christian dad has set up a trust fund for his children who will receive it if they have a traditional marriage.

Vickers "Vic" Cunningham told The Dallas Morning News about the trust fund after his brother, Bill Cunningham, accused Vic of racial bigotry. Bill said that his brother should not be allowed to run for public office.

The judge, however, denied that he is a bigot. He claimed that he set up the trust for his kids because he supported "traditional family values."

In a Facebook post, Vic also confessed that he decided to put up a trust fund in the first place because he was growing concerned about Bill's gay lifestyle. Shortly after setting up the trust fund in 2010, however, one of Vic's sons, Tex, met and fell in love with a woman with Vietnamese roots.

The father said that while his views on interracial marriage have changed over the years because of his son's relationship with an Asian woman, he has not amended the terms of his children's trust fund. Instead, his son will not get part of this "milestone."

Vic's children will apparently receive milestones of the trust fund for each accomplishment their father approved, such as running for public office or marrying a Christian Caucasian partner.

"It doesn't prohibit anything and it doesn't say you'll never get the money," Vic explained. "You're just not going to get that milestone distribution," he added.

Meanwhile, two more Cunningham brothers spoke in support of Vic and against Bill. Ross and Greg Cunningham also told Dallas Morning News that Bill, who has apparently been stripped off their parents' will, fabricated stories to embarrass Vic. The brothers also accused Bill of manipulating their aging mother into making statements against the judge.

The Cunningham's mother, Mina, an 81-year-old who suffers from dementia, also released a statement to say that Vic is not a bigot. Tex also told reporters that his father is not racist even while he acknowledged Vic had problems accepting his Asian partner.