'The Bait of Satan' author reveals the right way to pray to be free from pornography

Christian author John Bevere recently opened up about freeing himself from pornography. The writer, who sold over a million copies of the book "The Bait of Satan," shared his experience with the members of the the Messenger International ministry.

(REUTERS/Stoyan Nenov)A best-selling Christian book author shares how he controlled his porn addiction.

Bevere admitted that his porn obsession began when he was 11 or 12 years old. He thought that being married to a beautiful woman would change him but his addiction to pornography got worse.

Working in a fast-growing ministry in America also did not lessen his obsession to porn until he met a church guest speaker named Lester Sumrall. He talked to Sumrall about his concerns and the latter advised him like a good father and prayed for him, but Bevere said that also did not help curb his addiction.

"Nine months later, I'm on a four-day fast and at the end of that four-day fast on May 6, 1985, I got completely delivered from pornography," Bevere said in his testimony. "I am free today."

Bevere detailed that when Sumrall's prayers did not help him, he started questioning life. He realized he was scared to admit his sins wholeheartedly for fear of being judged or losing his marriage or ministry.

In his earnest prayers to God, Bevere said that he finally knew what to pray for - to know more about the Lord. He told his audience that prayers work wonders if one puts focus on Godly sorrows.

"You have to be sorry for the RIGHT REASONS," Bevere further said. "Worldly sorrow focuses on yourself. Godly sorrow focuses on not wanting to the hurt the heart of the one you love."

Bevere, who has published over 20 books, is based in Colorado with his wife Lisa, who is also an author and a teacher. They have been building a life together for over 30 years with four kids and a few grandchildren. They founded their own ministry as well.