'The Last of Us 2' release date rumors 2016: Naughty Dog now focusing on the survival game sequel?

"The Last of Us 2" started as a wish of the hundreds of thousands of fans the first title has managed to gain. With the release of Naughty Dog's big title, "Uncharted 4: A Thief's End," it may start focusing on the survival game sequel, for which fans hope to get sneak peeks and leaks.

Screenshot from "The Last of Us" Remaster announcement trailer. | YouTube/PlayStation

However, the developer has not yet officially confirmed that it has plans for "The Last of Us 2." This is not an issue among fans, who believe that Naughty Dog will release the sequel sometime in the near future.

Eleven months earlier, voice actor Nolan North, mostly known as Nathan Drake of the "Uncharted" franchise, casually spilled the beans regarding Naughty Dog's current project. North worked with them for "Uncharted," but as of the moment, it is his last collaboration with the developer.

"I know they're doing a 'Last of Us 2,'" said North during the question and answer (Q&A) panel at MetroCon in Florida.

If Naughty Dog has indeed started working on the game as early as a year ago, then fans speculate that they may be far in development right now.

Another evidence that fans believe to be pointing toward a sequel is the Easter egg found in "Uncharted 4." According to PlayStation Lifestyle, a poster that alludes to "The Last of Us" can be seen within the game.

It seems to be a poster of the movie, "The Last of Us: American Daughters," which features a pregnant girl wearing a gas mask and holding a gun. Not only did it make rounds as a piece of evidence to the sequel, it also sparked rumors that the girl in the poster is actually Ellie, the girl protagonist in the title.

If the poster really presents some clues to "The Last of Us 2," then players might witness a pregnant Ellie in the sequel; although, most note that it is highly unlikely. As of now, the title is expected to be released in 2018.

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