'The Soup Guy' feeds people in the streets for free as a form of giving thanks to God for saving his life

For the past year, a man spends at least two days of the week to drive a truck around Broadway in Wichita to feed people soup and occasionally hotdogs for free. Walter Clemons has earned the monicker "The Soup Guy" because of what he's doing, and he has been feeding people as a thanksgiving to God.

(REUTERS/Wolfgang Rattay)The Soup Guy in Wichita hands out free food to the homeless.

Two years ago, Clemons suffered a heart attack, and God apparently came to him in a dream. At first, Clemons was not sure what God wanted him to do. Eventually, the former mechanic and Spirit worker figured it all out and started his soup truck after he also saw himself in a dream where he handed out food by a truck's window.

On busy days, "The Soup Guy" feeds about 125 people, and most of them are the homeless. There are, however, other people who partake in the free food who come by his truck because they tell "The Soup Guy" about their challenges, such as finding a job.

"God sent me to feed you," Clemons would tell them. "He knew you were going to be hungry this day at this particular time. That's why I'm here."

The soup truck gets its supplies through donations from Sam's Club and Dillons. Pedestrians also donate the money to buy whatever Clemons needs for his business. He actually bought the truck to make his vision come true through donated money.

"I know that this vision that he's given me is going to come to pass, because he (God) doesn't do anything halfway," he said.

Meanwhile, someone in Florida has also been feeding the homeless and low-income families as her commitment to God. Waitress Gloria Lewis cooks hundreds of breakfast meals and dinners from her own kitchen during the weekends and brings the meals to the streets.

Together with her husband Anthony Vargas, Lewis launched Care in Action in 2012 and prepared the meals out of their own savings. A few years later, donations from the community's business people started pouring in, hence they were able to expand from feeding 20 to 200 families.

Lewis said that God called her to help the homeless, and she has promised to keep feeding for free knowing that it's her biggest purpose in life.