The tug of war between White and Black Hat SEO


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Are you aware of the type of search engine methods that you are using for your online business? Knowing where to start when it comes to SEO can be challenging. If you are currently using black hat SEO methods, it is likely to bring you short-term outcomes, yet this does not indicate it will provide you with a stable future with regards to search results. Knowing the difference amid Black, White and Gray SEO can help you a great deal in the long-term SEO objectives. Let's dive into these various forms of hats which can help you in making the right choice regarding how you wish to rank.

An Insight into White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO means doing SEO precisely in the manner in which Google wishes you to. Simply put it means to follow the guidelines of Google and create a long-term plan which can withstand any update from Google. Take a look at how Google wishes all to optimize their sites.

  • High-Quality Content- This tops the list if you perform SEO actively. No matter everything else which you do if the content is not unique and exciting you cannot rank well. It is the foundation of white hat SEO. The truth is in the ideal world of Google you need to create content which along with being amazing will also at the same time adheres to the guidelines of Google and people read and share the same as mad. If you do not create good content and are ignorant of what viewers see you will leave the domain of the white hat SEO. Under this category also comes user experience. If the content is difficult to read or takes time to load it will not create a poor user experience and will even lower quality. This, in turn, will lower your ranking in the leading search engine result pages. Having an idea of what keywords, the users are looking for and using the same in the content is fine, but right away this can result in keyword stuffing that is the black hat SEO. It is best to do keyword research, check what clients are searching and compose the content accordingly to answer those queries. To know more contact Kotton Grammer Media.
  • Guide Google to Locate and Understand the Site- Amazing content is not enough. If Google fails to see your website, then you have high chances of facing issues with ranking. You want to ensure that your website is indexable, Google can easily crawl your site, and you have an ideal sitemap having all the essential pages. Take the help of Google Search Console for uploading the sitemap and keep a track if it is facing problems to crawl your website. Adding good internal links on your site is something which you should not overlook. Essential pages must be there in the menu as well as linked from a particular page to another. It can return to user experience yet will also help Google in understanding which page is relevant and vice versa.

A Glance at Black Hat SEO

Google is clear on what you must not perform. Black Hat SEO put merely is about breaking the rules. Initially, it may work resting on the method that you use, but this strategy will have short-term results. Google regularly updates its algorithms so if you do something wrong then you will fall into trouble for sure. The majority of the below mentioned black hat SEO methods no longer work which means using them will take a toll on your ranking. But you should be aware of it to avoid making any mistake.

  • Hidden Text- If you use specific words it can work wonders with your rankings. Do not try to trick Google by making certain words match the site's background. It worked in the past. But now Google will quickly catch it.
  • Cloaking- It is when the HTML of a site visible to the visitor and the Google bot, vary. That worked for some time because few websites which used Flash required to show Google what their site contained.
  • Steal Content- It can again display as duplicate content. Plagiarism in content is a severe offense and Google will catch it right away. Posting unique content is vital.
  • Automatic Article Spinning- It is not only plagiarism which is a big NO but changing the words and spinning it for creating unique content is also punishable because it will not offer anything new or unique to the readers.
  • Link Farms- It is when a couple of sites all link with one another. A link is a powerful signal to Google hinting that content is exciting to people; thus, it worked. But today anything that is not natural looking can quickly be caught.
  • Purchasing Links- Avoid buying end number of links as most of these will be of bad quality and in case of a newbie this will result in wastage of money as well as not help with rankings.
  • Negative SEO- Buying bad links from a competitor will result in negative SEO and will ultimately hurt their ranking. It again will result in the wastage of time and money.

A Little on Gray Hat SEO

It contains a little of White and a little of Black Hat SEO. It is used to augment the ranking of a website with doubted legal techniques. It is less effective compared to White Hat SEO yet can cut down the risk of penalization. No wonder SEO's take the help of Gray Hat SEO methods over Black Hat Methods. But despite this, you should be cautious when it comes to the tactics employed as it may continue venturing into the territory of the Black Hat SEO and lead to search engine penalty. Some of these tactics include three-way linking, irrelevant link building, and duplicate content across different websites and keyword density that is unnaturally high.

The bottom line is, join hands with a professional SEO consultant and let them do the needful. After all, it is all about your brand awareness and success never forget that.