Thirteen children kept for years in filthy house by parents in California, fed only once a day


The shocking state of thirteen malnourished children was revealed when authorities rescued the siblings in a home in Perris, California. The children, whose ages ranged from two to 29 years, were found shackled to furniture and surrounded by human feces and urine. The children were only fed one rationed meal per day.

The rescue became possible after their 17-year-old sister braved escaping through a window so that she could finally call 911. According to Mary Parks, senior public information specialist for the Riverside Country Department of Public Social Services, "not one person" had called them about the condition of the thirteen siblings.

The parents of the siblings, David and Louise Turpin, are due to appear before a judge in California. David, 57 and Louise, 49, have both been charged with child abuse. A friend of the couple said that hours before capture by the authorities, the two said goodbye as they were leaving town. No reasons were stated for the planned departure from their bungalow in Perris.

"I saw them about 7 or 8pm on Saturday. They said they needed to say 'goodbye' because they were getting ready to leave town. They didn't say where or when they were going. I couldn't believe it when I saw their pictures on the TV two nights later," the source said.

According to the Mirror, there were no visible signs that the home was for sale and no listings for the property were found online. It was also noted that the 'Disney-obsessed' couple had been grappling with debt for years.

Relatives remained at a loss as to what happened to the family and why the children suffered under the hands of the couple. Brenda Taylor, Louise Turpin's aunt alluded to the façade held up by the couple on social media, where the two posted pictures of the family with their children all apparently clean and happy. 

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