Twins who became a priest and nun learn their mom consecrated them to the Virgin Mary as infants in near-death

Twins Monica and Cristian Moya, who were born in January 1974, recently learned that their mother consecrated them to the Virgin Mary as infants in order to save their lives. Now serving as a nun and a priest, one of them shared their story with the public.

(Pixabay/kershnek)A devotion to the Virgin Mary influenced a twins' decision to become a nun and a priest.

Last year, Sister Monica took her final vow and officially became a part of the Congregation of the Daughters of Saint Mary of Providence in Chile. She revealed to the Catholic News Agency that it is no coincidence that she became a nun, while her twin brother became a priest at the Shrine of Nuestra Señora Purísima de Lo Vásquez.

A few years back, Sister Monica's learned from their mom about how she consecrated them to the Virgin Mary when they were only three months old. She and Cristian had been sick with a severe case of pneumonia and were in critical condition at the hospital.

Before the twins were born, her mother already lost one child who had a heart condition, and she was not about to lose more kids. As a devotee of the Nuestra Señora Purísima of Lo Vasquez (Our Lady Most Pure), the twins' mother offered her baby's lives to the Virgin Mary.

"My mom says that the only thing that came to her mind was to offer us to the Virgin and leave us in her hands," Sister Monica shared. "After that our recovery occurred," she added.

The nun said that her mother's story made an impact in her decision to serve the Lord. But she also credited her family's strong Christian formation and her parents' marriage as factors to her chosen path.

Aside from a devotion to the Virgin Mary, Sister Monica also identifies Saint Joseph as her patron saint. She describes her vocation both as a "gift and miracle" because of the coincidence.

"It's something that has surpassed everything my mind can understand, it is a very particular grace that helps me say 'yes' every day," the nun shared.

During her final vows, Sister Monica wanted her twin brother to officiate the mass and ceremony, which a bishop customarily led. The congregation granted the nun's request after she asked permission.

Incidentally, her brother belongs to the parish that her mother frequented when the twins became ill. It was at the Shrine of Nuestra Señora Purísima de Lo Vásque that their mother begged the Virgin Mary for mercy for the twins' lives.