UNESCO is the world's mouthpiece for Jew hatred, says international Christian group

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization has now become the world's mouthpiece for hatred against the Jewish community, an international Christian group has said after a resolution was passed to declare that a heritage site in Hebron was under the authority of the Palestinian government.

(REUTERS / Ammar Awad)An Israeli soldier walks past Ibrahimi Mosque, which Jews call the Jewish Tomb of the Patriarchs, in the West Bank city of Hebron July 7, 2017.

On July 7, UNESCO announced that Israel's Cave of the Patriarchs - also known as the Ibrahimi Mosque - was one of the World Heritage Sites in danger and said it was under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority government. The resolution drew criticism from the public, considering that Biblical character Abraham bought it even before Islam existed and it housed the remains of Christian and Jewish patriarchs and matriarchs, Arutz Sheva noted.

In a press release, the World Council of Independent Christian Churches denounced the passage of the resolution and urged member states to defund UNESCO. The group, which represents around 45 million Evangelicals worldwide, also encouraged Christians and Jews to get in touch with their UN ambassador and pressure UNESCO into reversing its controversial statement, The Jewish Press reported.

"Instead of protecting our shared history and values, UNESCO has become the mouthpiece for global Jew Hatred," WCICC said in a release. "Their latest motion which suggests that Hebron and the Cave of the Patriarchs are Palestinian Heritage sites is both pathetic and offensive to history and the billions of Jews and Christians worldwide."

Israel's Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan also denounced UNESCO's resolution and called it hypocritical. He slammed the Palestinians for using the organization to propagate its "lies." He then pointed out that the Cave of the Patriarchs had never been under threat, unlike the historical sites that the Islamic State razed in Aleppo, Mosul, Palmyra, and other towns.

The country's education minister, Naftali Bennett, echoed the critics' thoughts and said the purchase of the Cave of the Patriarchs was Israel's first Jewish acquisition. He suggested that UNESCO might be trying to serve the interests of entities who want to get rid of the Jewish state. He insisted that UNESCO's vote to declare the site under the authority of the Palestinian government will not change history and the fact that the place has existed as a Jewish site since the Biblical times.