Viral video urges Christians to vote in obedience to God rather than fear of Clinton

Christians ought to vote in obedience to God and the Bible rather than out of fear of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, according to Paul Hastings in a viral video that has been viewed 400,000 since Monday.

Hillary Clinton walks off the stage at a campaign rally at the Manor Complex in Wilton Manors, Florida, October 30, 2016. | Reuters/Brian Snyder

In a video posted on the Facebook page Faith Trumps Fear, Paul Hastings delivers a three-minute message expressing his thoughts on the idea of Christians holding their noses and voting for the lesser evil between Clinton and her Republican rival Donald Trump. For Hastings, believers should stop Clinton from appointing a Supreme Court justice, but they should also not ignore Trump's bad character, Christian News relays.

"But should I set aside my conscience and cast my vote based out of a fear of Hillary rather than my obedience to God?" said Hastings in the video. "Should I turn a blind eye to Trump's incredibly public promotion of fornication, adultery, hateful rhetoric, sodomy, abortion and mockery of God? A man who says he has never needed to ask God's forgiveness for anything ..."

Hastings points out that God has a purpose for Christians' lives higher than merely choosing between two candidates who do not obey God's commands. He said God desires personal obedience more than thoughts on who the next Supreme Court justice will be.

Regardless of who will win in the 2016 presidential election, God will remain in control, and He should rule in people's hearts no matter who sits in the courthouse. Rejecting both Trump and Clinton and voting for other candidates sends a message that Christians will no longer bend to ungodliness.

Meanwhile, pastor and founder Michael Anthony said both candidates are strikingly similar to majority of Americans who profess to be Christians and yet are out of character. In a column for Charisma News, he also called on Trump and Clinton to repent of their evil ways.

For Anthony, God has given Americans a leader just like themselves, and their presidential candidates are not the solutions to the country's problems. Rather, he said Trump and Clinton are part of America's worsening problem since neither of them have the character and humility required of a national leader.

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