Want to get a small business loan? Know how to prepare for it

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There can be lots of sources other than the traditional banks to get funding for running and expanding a small business. Rather the trend to incline towards banks for a small business loan is changing, and more and more business owners have started realizing that there are many other healthy alternatives to banks. It is important to know your options so that you can get a fast as well as secured loan without much hassle, and without facing many rejections. The higher the number of rejections you face, which normally happens with banks, the more affected your credit rating gets over time.

First, find out these answers

The first thing you need to access before taking any other step is to see what exactly you need or expect from the loan. Some of the common questions you must answer yourself are:

  • The exact amount you need
  • Why you need the money
  • What is your plan about paying it back and over how much time
  • How old are you in this business?
  • How good or bad the business is doing
  • Do you have any collateral to put up for getting the loan approved?
  • Your awareness of your credit rating
  • If you are looking for a short term or long-term loan
  • Any other loans you have taken

By answering these questions, you can then start to search for other funding agencies for your small business.

The various types of alternate lenders

  • The government has a department for administering small businesses. And this wing also approves loans for the betterment as well as welfare of small businesses. Backed up by the government the govt guarantees these loans. And one can apply easily. These loans are 75 to 90% government guaranteed.
  • Some lenders are new to the market, and in the effort to build a name, they also start funding small businesses and try to climb the success ladder by making more customers.
  • You can apply online. Some online lenders would approve things online, and the fund would reach your bank account in some time.

Knowing the various types of business loans

There are various types of business funding options. Knowing about the various types of business loans will help you decide better. Depending on the business type, the loans also differ. Some are suited for small businesses while some for medium to big ones. Besides, there are agencies like https://www.libertylending.com/ which helps a lot in finding, applying, and approving good loan offers.

New Project Loan

If you are setting up a new business completely from scratch, then you can get a new project loan. These loans are granted on totally studying a new business plan, and on finding it worthy as well as feasible in all ways, the loan can be passed. To get this kind of loan, you must have collateral to keep against the loan to the bank. The collateral can be your property, the business itself, etc.

Top-up loans

A top up loan is always aimed for with ideas of business expansive, improvement, the sudden addition of infrastructure, important changes, etc. If the business is expanding, or diversifying, then you can always take this kind of loan against your already running loan account in a funding agency. A top up loan can be a long-term loan or short term. It depends on what kind of work will be done with the loan amount.

Loans on working capital

These are emergency loans, which are approved to businesses on account of emergencies. An crises management, a sudden problem, all can be managed when you have funds. And such funds can be availed on top-up loans easily from banks against receivable bills, inventories, and stocks.

Secured loans

When you take a business loan against any security, where the collateral can be any of your property and assets, then it is called a secured loan. Gold, land, shares, bills, residence, insurance, and any such thing can be used as collateral.

Unsecured loans

Business loans can be unsecured too. Unsecured loans do not ask for collateral. Rather the bank statements of the business owner and the business are scrutinized. Based on a healthy history of the bank record, previous year income tax returns and all, the loan is approved. But the interest rate charged is higher than that of secured loans.

Other things to follow

Whatever kind of loan you go for, you must have all the documents clear and ready and must have mental preparation to present your plan and application the most relevant and credible way in front of the lender. One great way to reduce hassle and traveling is to go for this online. Online financial agencies can go a long way to bring to you excellent loan offers, great solutions, and much hassle free processing.

Also, you must be sure that any information about any old loan, undergoing loan, or previous unpaid loan you may have had, etc. must be carefully shared. There is no point in hiding details, as things will be dug up for every user by the systems of the lending companies. But stating things clearly, increase credibility over the time and makes your position clear before the lender ad you too through their eyes.

Bad credit business loans

One of the saviors in business funding is a bad credit business loan. If you have a bad credit history, or the business has a bad credit rating, then this solution is for you, you can go for high interest and yet full of amenities bad credit loan. Normally loans are approved against security. Here there is no security, and the interest rate fetches more returns to the lender due to the absence of collateral.

You can get a loan in any way for the business. The only thing you must understand is that applying at the right timing, through the right services, and at the right funding agencies is the trick to getting a timely loan.