What are some of the most rewarding trade show booth ideas for brands in 2018?


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What does it take for people to remember a brand? Some brands like Coca-Cola, McDonald's, and Mercedes, have impressive recall value. However, there are a hundred other brands in the US that have been around for over a decade, yet people do not remember their logo, color or USP without help. The way people end up keeping you in their memory for months and years from today will determine your brand image and value.

A good brand never gives up the opportunity to interact with their customers. Whether you are planning to explore a new market or increase your customer retention, you need to go out there and communicate with potential paying customers. Trade shows give you the best opportunity to go out there on the field, check out your competition and woo the potential consumers. While print media, broadcast platforms, and social media suffer from the brunt of infobesity, trade expos give people the opportunity to experience the different brands and their products first-hand. That should boost unaided recall beyond regular levels.

In the age of social media and the internet, it turns out that what a business needs are a small kiosk. It might sound too fantastic at first, but the correct execution of 10x10 trade show booth ideas can make you unforgettable to your target audience. The proper set up can transform a bare space into a haven for branding activity irrespective of the dimensional restrictions. Play with the lights, colors, display walls, workstations, podiums, tabletop displays, charging podiums and the floors. Everything inside the booth is usually customizable, and you should take full advantage of this fact to carve out a unique experience for your target visitors.

Bring the outdoors inside

Roaming from one booth to another inside a confined space with no view of the sky and no breeze can make the experience distracting for the visitors. Give them a breath of fresh air with a slice of nature. Garden pergolas, faux grass carpets, small real indoor plants, a miniature succulent and rock garden, faux fountains, hidden daylight LEDs, fresh flowers, creeper and climber replicas can turn your eco-friendly brand into the indoor Eden. Organic brands, nature-inspired businesses, and eco-friendly fashion or lifestyle brands can work with nature-infused themes seamlessly.

Create a selfie-booth

The craze of selfies is indomitable. People are climbing a hundred feet tall buildings and scaling mountains to take selfies. Why not tap into this trend for promoting your enterprise? Offer the camera lovers a chance to click a selfie with an impressive photogenic background. Adding the brand colors and logo to the backdrop means when the people will share their pictures on social media, they will automatically promote your brands. You can borrow photo booth ideas from the 80s and 90s. Using funny cardboard cutouts and exclusive sceneries can help brands garner a niche online followership.

Go with modular booth setups

While some businesses like setting up their trade expo kiosks from scratch, most organizations don't have enough time and workforce to pull it off. Modular trade show booths come ready for instant setups. The shelves, back walls, tabletops, islands and charging podiums are complete with all branding needs in place. They are easy to customize. If you have a design for 10x15 or 12x12 booth from the last couple of expos, you can modify it for new spaces effortlessly. Whether you need an extra partition or a new signage placement above the entrance, you can achieve that with new modular trade show booth setup.

Pop-up shops and booths

These booth structures add the real "pop" to your brand presence. The use of a tent or a pop-up shop can foster exclusivity among your target visitors. They play on people's curiosities, and they can nurture a feeling of intimacy. People are more likely to peep in than walk by when you have a bright, impressive and exciting tent amidst boring booths in the exhibition space. However, always ensure that you meet their curiosities with a high-quality product. Do not leave them high and dry after they enter your tent. Luring potential customers with big promises is not good enough if you cannot deliver.

Cardboard booth ideas

If you are cutting corners because of budget constraints, it is entirely understandable. You can save a fortune by going with a cardboard booth design. Cardboard booths are 100% reusable, and they encourage the practice of green business. It shows a high-end implementation of branding through high-tech digital printing. You can hire a layout designer to design the construction and interior elements of the booth. It is inexpensive, and you can ship it to a new location after the show is over. These are light, portable and durable materials that do not require expert guidance for assembly and disassembly.

Inspire interaction

Interactive booths are the hottest trends in expo-town. Apart from two-way interactive touch screens and LED displays, these booths may include activities for the visitors, small games, and quizzes. The idea behind such stalls is to create an immersive experience that can increase brand recall value. Rewards may include brand products or discount vouchers for target customers in the crowd. Roaming from one booth to another can become tiresome for people, and such interactive experiences tend to make a difference in the way people perceive the associated brands. One of the best ways to attract a relevant crowd is music. The right selection of playlists will automatically filter the audience and draw interested parties to the location.

No matter what kind of booth design idea you have, you should run it by your marketing and finance team to double-check its feasibility. Not all plans are suitable for every brand. The kind of kiosk setup and décor you pick will depend upon your brand image, nature of your products and the taste of your target group. Trade shows give new brands the exposure they need at competitive rates. They level the ground of competition for different businesses irrespective of their age and capitals.