What could Jesus have worn?


The question of what Jesus could have worn when he was still alive is still up for debate.

Decades of Biblical scholarship have yielded only minimal results as Jesus physical appearance wasn't the focus of holy scripture.

In a 2001 documentary titled Son of God, Jesus' possible facial features were recreated by computers using the ancient skull of another man. The results were of a stocky man with olive skin, a worried expression, black hair and beard. But as for the specific features of Jesus' face, all these were conjectural only, based on approximations using the ancient skull.

Historian Joan Taylor, Professor of Christian Origins and Second Temple Judaism at King's College London, said the figure of Christ that we are familiar with is not historically accurate but remains a powerful brand. The usual representation of Christ is of a man with hair parted in the middle, light skin, light brown hair and blue eyes. Jesus is often represented in movies and stories as wearing long robes and loose pants in line with Christian artworks over the centuries.

But what did Jesus really wear? Incidental details in the Bible show that Jesus wore simple clothes, like the Jewish tallith (a large shawl) made of wool and sandals, as alluded to in several passages of the Book of Mark. Jesus probably wore a simple tunic (chiton) that normally fell below the knees. Only the wealthiest in the land could afford tunics that were extra long. What's interesting about Jesus' tunic was that it was only one piece, while regular tunics of that era were two pieces.

The ancient scholar Celsus claimed that Jesus often begged to get along, and 'wandered most shamefully in the sight of all,' alluding to the very simple appearance and life that Jesus led.