Why doesn't Google Home know Jesus Christ?


Smart audio technology has gone a long way from simply assisting people with special needs to assisting anyone who cares to use it in their homes or offices.

The Google Home smart speaker is one such device that people are beginning to integrate into their daily lives. This smart speaker can pull information from the Internet, play music and perform other functions as you speak to it.

However, people have noticed that when you ask the Google Home speaker for information about Jesus, it says it doesn't know.

This wouldn't have been an issue if it had the same trouble identifying other historical personalities, but it appears to know who Buddha and Muhammad are. This peculiarity has people asking – why doesn't Google Home know the leading figure of Christianity?

When asked the question "Who is Jesus?" Google Home would respond with "Sorry I'm not sure how to help" or "My I apologies I don't understand."

David Sams, a television producer and author, took it upon himself to compare Google Home and Amazon's Alexa during a Facebook Live video.

The result of the quick tech test was interesting. Amazon's Alexa (another smart audio device) pulled up information about Jesus easily while Google Home still claimed that it did not know the answer.

Speaking to FOX 17 News, David said that it was "kinda scary" that Google Home responded the way it did when posed this particular inquiry.

"I even asked Google who is David Sams? Google knew who I was, but Google did not know who Jesus was, Google did not know who Jesus Christ was, and Google did not know who God was," David said.

"It's kinda scary, it's almost like Google has taken Jesus and God out of smart audio.

"I don't know if there's some kind of wizard making these decisions or if it's some kind of oversight.

"But whatever it is, they need to address it immediately," he finished.