Woman disfigured in Cairo church bombing testifies how Jesus miraculously kept her alive

A Christian woman whose face was disfigured when a bomb planted at a Coptic church in Cairo, Egypt, had exploded next to her has testified how she miraculously saw Jesus during her recovery and he helped her survive.

(REUTERS / Amr Abdallah Dalsh)Egyptian security officials and investigators inspect the scene following a bombing inside Cairo's Coptic cathedral in Egypt. December 11, 2016.

On Dec. 11, 2016, Samiha Tawfiq Awad's husband Qalini found her face almost unrecognizable after a bomb exploded right next to her in the middle of a service at the St. Peter's Church in Cairo. Doctors told him that his wife would not survive, but she miraculously lived even though half of her face could no longer hear, smell, or see, Open Doors USA detailed.

"The doctors might've given up on Samiha, but God had another plan!" Qalini told Open Doors.

Awad, on the other hand, said Jesus was with her ever since the doctors started operating on her. She could not recall the time the bomb exploded and the days that followed, but she vividly remembered seeing Jesus on the ceiling while she was on the ground after the bombing and how He continued to appear to her in the hospital.

"I would have been willing to die for Jesus," said Awad, "but the fact that he kept me alive so miraculously tells me that he wants me to live."

As of now, Qalini is still struggling to forgive the attacker who put his family through so much. However, he said his Christian faith dictates that he must forgive, so he meditates on the Sermon on the Mount each time he is overcome with anger over what happened.

Coptic churches have become the target of terror attacks in Egypt in the last few years. In December, the Islamic State claimed responsibility for a gun attack targeting a Christian-owned bookshop and a church in Cairo which resulted in the death of nine people, The Daily Mail reported.

ISIS has also said it was responsible for the December 2016 suicide bombing at a Cairo church, as well as the explosions in two churches in April. The terror group has also threatened to carry out more attacks against the Coptic community in Egypt.