'WWE 2K17' roster rumors: Chyna may be added following her death; fans suggest The Undertaker

Chyna Joanie Laurer | Chyna Joanie Laurer/Official Instagram Account

"WWE 2K17" is still one of the most anticipated games yet to be released. No major details have been confirmed by the developers, but speculations about who will be included in the roster continue. The latest news surround the inclusion of Chyna in the Hall of Fame in the upcoming content. Chyna's death shocked the whole world of wrestling and this may be the reason why 2K Sports may want to include her in the game.

The late wrestler is dubbed the "Attitude Era," who made an impression in the wrestling world. BidnessEtc  wrote that her big physique was able to give her the WWE Intercontinental Championship, where she was able to beat Jeff Jarret. However, the paper noted that the rumor is only based on fans' emotions and no official announcement has been made yet.

Not only is Chyna speculated to be included in the roster, other female wrestlers like Alundra Blayze is believed to belong in the list as well. Blayze, also known as Madusa, previously posted on Twitter to announce that she was scanned by 2K Sports for the "WWE 2K17."

"WWE 2K16" includes 120 unique playable characters so the upcoming game is expected to offer the same number of characters. Some of the speculated personalities to be included are Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows, who just recently made their debut in the "WWE Raw" world.

Their victory against The Usos paved the way for them be rumored as one of the main characters in the game. Some fans believe that the duo may become DLC characters.

Different websites were also created for fans who want to voice out their suggestions for the upcoming "WWE 2K17." One of them is the WWE2K17 fan site where fans suggest the inclusion of The Undertaker since "no one deserves the place more than The Undetaker does." Also, his career in WrestleMania will come to an end so seeing him in the roster will honor him.

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