Young woman admits meth made her claw eyes out to 'feel closer' to God

A young woman from South Carolina made headlines recently when she tried clawing her eyes out during a service at her church. The screams of Kaylee Muthart, 20, scared parishioners who saw her with her eyeballs in her hands last February.

(Wikimedia Commons/ Lonedoe)The 20-year-old woman who took her eyes out as a 'sacrifice' to God finally opens up what made her do it.

Muthart finally addressed what made her do something shocking in a piece published on Cosmopolitan. She confessed that taking drugs like meth and ecstasy made her behave in strange ways, which prompted her to take her eyes out as a sacrifice to be closer to God.

"I'd long been a religious Christian; the high made me feel particularly close to God," Muthart wrote. "While on ecstasy, I studied the Bible. I misinterpreted a lot of it."

The young woman knew her behavior upset her mother, who could not do anything to help her daughter since Muthart herself was unwilling to commit to drug rehabilitation. She had been hallucinating when she harmed herself at the church and all she could remember was the pastor trying to calm her down and members of the church praying with her until medical emergency staff arrived.

Doctors tried to save her optic nerves so they would not be infected, but she had lost her sight. She has not yet fully recovered, as she will still get eye prosthetics next month, as well as several psychiatric treatments. Fortunately for her, she had not suffered any withdrawals from the illegal drugs.

Muthart's mom, Katy Tompkins, spoke to other parents about the dangers of drugs. She told People that her daughter had been addicted to the illegal substance for six months only, while there were other parents whose kids have been into drugs for 10 or 15 years and she could not fathom what they were going through.

Doctors informed the family that Muthart might have taken meth laced with other substances hence she thought someone was talking to her to make a sacrifice to God. The unfortunate experience, however, helped her daughter see the light.

"It's a horrible thing, but I'm still thankful because God spared her life," Tompkins stated.