Survey: Young Chinese Citizens Have Stronger National Identity

Survey(Pixabay) | Survey(Pixabay)

A special survey done by China Youth Daily Tuesday shows that young Chinese people have strong national identity and they are more confident in the country's development as compared to past data.

Out of the 6,081 young respondents, at least 92.9% think that China is developing in the right direction since the reform and opening up in 1978.

The result is 3% points higher than the statistics done by the newspaper 20 years ago.

At least 96.1% of those who were surveyed say that they feel proud of the country's achievements. At least 93.5% said that if they were given another chance to choose their home country, they will pick China.

China Youth Daily and the Communist Youth League of China said that out of the respondents for the survey held between November 20 and 28, 73.4% were born between 1900 and 2000.

Courtesy of China Christian Daily

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