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Christian Daily International (CDI) is the vision of a group of Christian people, followers of Jesus, who are committed to professional journalism that is full of grace and truth (Jesus is described in that way- John 1:14).

CDI is an exciting new initiative that is:

Areas of Focus

CDI will have three primary areas of focus: Integral Mission, Religious Freedom, and Christian Unity.


Christopher Chou


CDI is an initiative of The Christian Post. Dr. Christopher Chou began serving as Chief Executive Officer of The Christian Post (CP) in August 2018. Before coming to CP, Dr. Chou served eight years as the Chief-of-Staff and Chief Operating Officer at the World Evangelical Alliance, opening its New York offices, and revitalizing key operations in the areas of communications, development, finance, administration and human resources to better serve Christians in over 120 countries.

Gordon Showell-Rogers

International Director

Gordon Showell-Rogers’ advisory role for Christian Daily International plays to his strengths in strategic leadership in global Christian movements. He has lived and worked in different countries and travelled extensively in every region of the world, so is well-connected with the Christian church globally. In the course of his life he has served as a high school teacher, assistant pastor of a local church, General Secretary of a national IFES movement (Austria), the first National Director of Friends International (UK), General Secretary of the European Evangelical Alliance and Associate Secretary General of the World Evangelical Alliance.

Christian media needs to be ‘full of grace and truth’ (as Jesus was, according to John 1/14). Gordon is committed to helping CDI to being both those things in equal measure and to being culturally diverse and international.

Timothy Goropevsek

Executive Editor

Rev. Timothy Goropevsek has been part of the steering committee for CDI and became its Executive Editor on July 7. He has served as the Chief Communications Officer of the World Evangelical Alliance for more than eleven years. Originally from Switzerland, he studied theology and journalism at Olivet University in the United States and is currently completing his PhD in Global Theology with a focus on effective media engagement. He has written articles that have been published in Christian newspapers and magazines in Europe and the United States and has authored a book chapter titled “The Cultural Mountain of Media: A Global Strategy to Turn the Tide” for Half-way Up the Mountain: Restoring God’s Purpose in this Chaotic World. He also serves as Chief Communications Officer for the World Evangelical Center.

Heather Pubols

Global Editorial Advisor

Heather Pubols has produced content about and from the majority world church for more than 20 years. As an experienced communications professional, she has directed story gathering strategies on a global scale. Multiculturally competent with experience living in four countries outside the US over a nine-year period, since 2000 she has traveled to around 50 countries and worked with colleagues from more than 60 nations.

Most recently she facilitated more than 30 majority world authors to publish in a professional journal for which she serves as editor. Prior to this, she launched and led a globally dispersed photojournalism team that served more than 100 organizations. She is passionate about seeing content produced that informs and inspires people to be more engaged in complex global issues. After living abroad in Kenya, South Africa, Germany and the UK, she and her husband are now based in the USA.

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