Four simple experiential marketing strategies to help your brand find new customers

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Brands have realized that the new generation of buyers is not interested in investing in objects. Instead of expensive cars and luxurious jewelry, the Gen Y prefers spending their hard-earned money on experiences. Millennials prefer vacations over expensive clothing and adventure rides over antique collectibles. As a result, businesses are now focusing on tending to the immediate market opportunities. The CMOs are emphasizing adventure and experience over gifts for their dedicated customers.

Why do brands need to think about experiential marketing?

The customers between their 20s and 30s are ready to leave their homes and experience life. Most of the new brands have realized that the only way to truly connect with their demographics is by offering them a key to the adventure of their dreams. It is the perfect way for brands to communicate with their audience. Marketing is no longer about shooting TVCs, inviting target audiences to parties and product launches, it is about finding something in common with the younger audience with the purchasing power.

Experiential marketing is all about planning the course for several event-based marketing opportunities. The location is just as important as the product. Experiential marketing should reach the target audience in their comfort zone. The experience relationship manager (ERM) has the responsibility of measuring the audience response, gathering the actionable new leads and measuring the ROI of the event.

Workshops and classes

Some brands bond with their target audience through classes and workshops. Lululemon is one of those unique brands that offer free classes. These classes provide enough reason for the potential customers to bond with the brand and their products. As traditional marketing is waning, CMOs of the favorite brands are coming up with new workshop ideas to bond with the target audience. The in-person experience is more important than offering gifts and coupons. It cements the bond between the brands and the buyers. Once they participate in the free workshops and classes, they are more likely to step inside the brand stores and buy the items.

Such classes give the perfect opportunity to the CMOs of the brands to introduce their new products and services to their buyers. They provide the customer enough reason to trust the brand and establish a healthy relationship. It is not a gimmick that most brands use to attract the attention of their customers for the time being.

Tour trucks and mobile shops

Are you launching a new flavor of ice cream? Are you looking forward to introducing a new low-calorie version of your soda? Then what can be better than giving your target customers a taste of it? You know where your leading customers are and how you can reach them. Hiring a mobile tour truck or a glass tour truck like the one showed in will give you the chance to reach the target audience in their comfort zone.

Over the years, wineries, chocolatiers, ice cream makers and even restaurant owners have found that sampling of their new recipe in the tourist-centric areas of the city can improve their future sales. It enhances the customer experiences and encourages them to buy their products and services.

Adventurous time outside

Red Bull steals the show each year by organizing the Flying Day in several locations around the world. The competition invites entries from those who can create their own aircraft. Flutag or Flying Day involves participants flying their private aircraft. The final prize depends on the personality of the participants and the overall performance. It has the perfect ingredients of success including the thrill of flying and the spirit of healthy competition. The teamwork and myriads of performance-based prizes make Flutag a memorable event for all participants and viewers.

Events like these are the ideal source of material for social media advertising. Do you need to boost your Instagram reach? Do you want to work on your Facebook presence? There is nothing more you will need than an event like this. It is likely to create an exponential effect since the participants are likely to share the video and image content with their followers on social media. It is a smart opportunity for sharing branded content with the followers.

Site touring

It might sound a little trite, but site touring works wonders for some businesses. Old whiskey brands and wineries arrange specially guided tours of their manufacturing and branding locations. Even popular beer brands like Budweiser have been doing it for years. Cadbury used to do it, and so does Mondelez. It gives the customers a chance to catch a glimpse of the manufacturing process, the equipment, experience the heritage and go through the history of the brand. When the customers relive the rise of the brand over the last few decades, the brands collect information about the potential customers.

Giving the local customers a behind-the-scenes look at the production process always increases their interest in the product. Warehouses, breweries, wineries, vineyards, bakeries, and factories are perfect for such guided customer tours.

A few words in the end

Experiential marketing is a powerful tool for all brands interested in growing their customer base and exploring new markets. Without the aid of entirely immersive experiences, it might be impossible for a new brand to push new products to their veteran clients. The competition is hard, so unless a brand can do more than engaging its customer's attention at the POS, it risks a high chance of obliteration. A brand needs to establish personal connections to make long-lasting impressions.

Great names have successfully reached their audiences on an emotional level. Experiential marketing opens new doors for online marketing, social media marketing and traditional forms of marketing as well. The more ways of establishing personal bonds you can whip up, the more chances you have at creating a lasting impression.

Having the right partners is very important for experiential marketing. You need to be able to work with a reputable company with ROI measuring tools and proven marketing skills to be able to connect with your audience. Not having a way to measure the reach will defeat the purpose of organizing an event-based marketing campaign.

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