• Damaging detachment (by Jay Matenga)

    Galatians is widely accepted as Paul’s first epistle. It emerged in response to a radical disruption of the Jewish faith following the resurrection of Jesus. Almost 2,000 years on, we can too easily gloss over the shocking nature of this shift, which became a schism, and then an entirely independent religion with unbroken spiritual roots in the history of Israel and Judaism.

  • Searching for truth (by Jeff Fountain)

    The stubborn myth that science and faith are diametrically opposed gets knocked about in the current exhibition on ‘the creation of science’ in the Catherijne Convent Museum I visited in Utrecht this week.

  • Cultivating a spirituality of simplicity (by Jasmine Kwong)

    We live in a world of paradoxes and tensions. In our consumer driven world which screams, “Buy! Buy! Buy!,” we see a growing undercurrent towards minimalism where, “Less is more.” We feel the tug-of-war between needs and wants. And on opposite ends of the spectrum, sit those with seemingly endless choices and those who have just about none.

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