Easter – the events that change everything

By Gordon Showell-Rogers |
opening in the cave
Bruno van der Kraan / Unsplash

All religious festivals provide opportunities to think about God and eternity. Easter provides a particular opportunity to think about Jesus: who He is and what He has done.

Born in a corner of an empire to a working couple, Jesus never wrote a book, recorded a podcast, or travelled more than short distances (and all on foot or on a donkey): the furthest being when he received shelter as an infant in Egypt, so that his life might be saved from the fate that befell other babies and infants in Bethlehem (Matthew 2:13-18). He lived in occupied territory, without any political power: His personal encounters with political power came right at the end of His life and led to His death.

Yet, in today's world in which countless influencers hope to shape people's lives, Jesus has been changing the lives of millions for over 2,000 years.

At Easter, His followers celebrate His death. They call the day He died ‘Good Friday’. The symbol of Christianity - the cross - is a means of execution. Because Jesus’ death achieved what no other person could achieve in any other way, creating a way for people who have rebelled against their Maker to be reconciled to the Creator.

His resurrection is the first indicator that (one day) all of nature will be recreated in unimaginable and glorious ways.

The death of Jesus is the key to life. His resurrection proves that the world will one day be turned the right way up.

At Christian Daily International (CDI), we would like to encourage reflection over this Easter period: taking time to think about Jesus’ death and resurrection and their implications for our lives and for the whole world.

We hope that CDI’s faithful reporting will be a source of encouragement to many under pressure for their faith. We offer it all for free and hope you could help spread the word, so that more people could be informed, and also find comfort and inspiration in the stories they read - especially as we think of those who are standing firm in faith amid the persecution they face.

Over Easter, we at CDI encourage Jesus-followers around the world to stand with fellow Christians suffering for their faith, as we do as part of our wider commitment to religious freedom for all.

This Easter, will you join us in prayer for all those suffering, some of them in unimaginable ways?

We pray that many in dark and seemingly hopeless places will somehow experience hope and light in Christ this Easter. And we pray that we might all experience the gifts of forgiveness and life that are on offer through Jesus, in fresh and deeper ways.


Gordon Showell-Rogers
CDI International Director