David Tarus

David Tarus serves as ACTEA’s Executive Director. Previously, he serves as a lecturer and Deputy Principal at AIC Missionary College, an affiliate institution of Scott Christian University. David is a graduate of McMaster Divinity College (PhD in Christian Theology with a focus on Systematic Theology), Wheaton College Graduate School (MA, Historical and Systemic Theology, and Scott Christian University (Bachelor of Theology). He is the author of A Different Way of Being: Toward a Reformed Theology of Ethnopolitcal Cohesion for the Kenyan Context, co-editor of Christian Responses to Terrorism: The Kenyan Experience, and several articles. His research interests are in theological anthropology, ecclesiology, and socio-political issues. He is an ordained minister of the African Inland Church, Kenya, and serves as Associate Pastor, AIC Milimani Nairobi.

Articles by David Tarus