The Chosen’s Season 4 launched despite ties broken with Angel Studios

By Carolina Luciano Burgos |
The Chosen Series 4 launched at the beginning of the month.
The Chosen Series 4 launched at the beginning of the month. | The Chosen

Despite a legal dispute with Angel Studios, The Chosen prepares for season four and plans on releasing two weekly episodes on The Chosen app. The first episode launched on June 2 at 7:00 pm (UTC -4) and the following episode on June 6 at 8:30 pm (UTC -4). The following episodes are being released on Sundays and Thursdays at the same times for the following weeks.

Where To Watch The Chosen Now

Season four will only be available in The Chosen app, on The Chosen’s social media livestreams, or DVD because of legal matters concerning The Chosen’s relationship with Angel Studios. New episodes will be available in The Chosen app “exclusively for a window of time,” said The Chosen’s director and writer Dallas Jenkins. The Chosen’s past seasons will continue to be available and free on platforms like Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku, and Google TV, as well as on and The Chosen app.

Viewers who watch The Chosen on Netflix, Amazon, Peacock or any other platforms will have to wait to watch season four as the release date for the last season on these platforms is not set yet. “If you want to watch season four now, I highly, highly, highly recommend, in fact, I require you to go watch it on The Chosen app,” said Jenkins.

Jenkins exhorts viewers to update the app so that they can receive the latest notifications about The Chosen. “If you want to wait, that’s fine too, and we’ll let you know when [season 4] is available elsewhere,” said Jenkins.

The Chosen will continue to be free forever “with your help”

Jenkins wanted to reassure his audience saying that The Chosen will continue to be free forever. “It might not always be free first [for example] seasons might come out and first be available in theaters or on another platform for a time,” said Jenkins.

The Come And See Initiative ensures that 100% of the funds are directed toward the production of The Chosen as well as marketing and translation efforts. “Come and See has guaranteed that future seasons will be financed and on schedule,” affirmed Jenkins.  According to the director, the only way to support The Chosen financially is “by donating to Come And See or by purchasing gifts.”

“We'll continue to get our show to you free and easy, and we'll continue to partner with you in getting it to every corner of the world in hundreds of languages,” said Jenkins.

Angel Studios & The Chosen: What happened?

In a Facebook video, Dallas Jenkins communicated reasons for season four’s delay. According to the director, Angel Studios breached their contract on multiple occasions. This led he and his staff to believe the contract should be terminated, thus dissolving the relationship between Angel Studios and The Chosen.

According to Jenkins, from the pay-it-forward (a program designed for viewers to pay for others to be able to see The Chosen for free) only 40% of the contributions came to The Chosen. The rest was taken by Angel Studios for marketing purposes – which Angel Studios denies. A third-party arbitrator was then brought into the scene to evaluate and determine if the contract was indeed breached. “We wanted to solve this in a biblical way,” said Jenkins. “Private arbitration was the only way to do this in a way that didn’t harm the show or the reputation of Jesus and this project.”

“[On] Tuesday, May 28, we received the arbitrator's decision, and he comprehensively affirmed our position and agreed that the contract had been breached in multiple and material ways,” said Jenkins. “… the contract is indeed terminated and The Chosen's relationship with Angel Studios is effectively over.”

Jenkins also wanted to clarify that The Chosen didn’t sue Angel Studios or vice-versa. “When it comes to our social media discourse, we must be better and the mind gossip and accusations about motive must stop,” affirmed Jenkins.

He also took a moment in the video to thank the Harmon Brothers (founders of Angel Studios) for helping bring The Chosen to what it is now. “Both Angel and The Chosen want this show to reach over a billion people, and both of us want the show to be sustainable,” said Jenkins. “I want to thank the Harmon Brothers (founders of Angel Studios) for their extraordinary efforts in helping launch this show.”

Further details of the final decision are yet to be revealed as “the situation is still ongoing,” said Jenkins.