Jo Frost

Jo Frost is director of communications and engagement, Evangelical Alliance of the United Kingdom, leading the communications, membership and mission teams, as well as co-directing the Being Human project with Peter Lynas. She previously worked with a number of Christian charities. With a Master’s degree in Public Communications, she has a background in international human rights and environment campaigning. Jo has also been involved in church leadership for over 20 years, serving on leadership teams as well as helping planting churches in London and in France. She teaches, writes and preaches regularly on communications, culture, whole-life discipleship, mission and leadership.

Articles by Jo Frost

  • Europe

    How extreme are you? Interpreting the UK's proposed extremism definition

    Scandals regarding racism, antisemitism and anti-Muslim rhetoric flood social media and column inches, as protests turn bloody and ripples of war reach our shores. As a result the challenge of protecting UK citizens whilst safeguarding fundamental human rights like freedom of assembly, speech and belief intensifies.