Peter Lynas

Peter Lynas

Peter Lynas is the Director of the Evangelical Alliance in the United Kindgom and oversees the advocacy team and the work of the Alliance across the four UK nations. He is passionate about faith in the public square and leads the Being Human project with Jo Frost. He previously worked as a barrister in Belfast before studying theology at Regent College in Vancouver, where he serves on the board. Peter is a regular media commentator, is married to Rose, has two daughters, and loves running.

Articles by Peter Lynas

  • Europe

    Welcome to the chaos of 2024!

    2024 is going to be messy – more crises, more elections and ongoing wars. There will also be incredible opportunities to speak truth and hope into some of the most controversial issues of our day. But will we as the UK church be distracted by division and bury our head in the sand? Or will we see the opportunity offered by the difficult questions of our day to extend wisdom, hospitality, and offer a hopeful way forward?