'New Generation of Evangelists' holds festival, brings hope to El Salvador

By CDI Staff |
Ahuachapan Festival 01
The young Argentinean Mimi Ciulla was one of the hosts of the Ahuachapán 2024 Festival. | New Generation of Evangelists

The New Generation of Evangelists (NGE) of the Luis Palau Association, together with the Reid Saunders Association, held an evangelistic festival at the Simeón Magaña stadium in the city of Ahuachapán, in western El Salvador.

At the Ahuachapán Festival 2024, evangelists Alejandro Arias, Reid Saunders and Pepper Horn offered a message of faith and hope based on Jesus Christ. The event included performances by local artists and a BMX style bicycle show that amazed children, and everyone young and old. There was also a special participation of the local Methodist School with their Marching Band.

The New Generation of Evangelists emerged from a vision that was stirred up in the heart of the late Luis Palau in response to the growing need to equip and raise up the next generation of evangelists.

Ahuachapan Festival 02
Meetings were held with the police, firefighters, businessmen and professionals, among other activities prior to the festival. | New Generation of Evangelists

According to its website, NGE is a ministry created to focus on both those who have the gift of evangelism and any believer with a passion for lost souls, to provide an environment for all to meet, build lasting relationships, work together, combine efforts, resources, and share experiences to reach more people more effectively.

Ahuachapán (meaning "city of the house of oaks" in the Nahuatl language) is the capital of the department with the same name and one of the most important cities in western El Salvador. A local curiosity are the patron festivities, in the first days of February, that are held in honor of the Dulce Nombre de Jesús (Sweet Name of Jesus). Other traditions include the Mail Parade, the Day of the Cross, and others.

During the week leading up to the festival, members of both organizations participated in events with various social actors. There were gatherings with the police, firefighters, businessmen and professionals, women's meetings, activities with school children, urban evangelism activities, and soccer tournaments where the message of hope was proclaimed with the participation of outstanding musicians.

The local pastors were also honored and publicly recognized for their commitment to the spiritual life of the community.

Ahuachapan Festival 03
The BMX style bike show that amazed children, young and old people. | New Generation of Evangelists

"Undoubtedly, the arrival of an evangelistic festival to a city is always a novelty and can make an important impact. Interacting with the Salvadorans was a very special experience that will remain a treasured memory in my mind and in the hearts of many people who gave themselves to Jesus. Seeing the excited eyes of those who offer their lives to care for people is unforgettable. It was very moving, and we felt God embracing them," said Pastor Jonatan Proietti, NGE international director.

Festival attendees not only experienced good music and good news, but also received special gifts. "We gave out raffle numbers at the stadium entrance and in the days leading up to the festival. At the festival we raffled soccer balls, headphones, a bag and an electronic keyboard donated by a music company," the organizers said.

Ahuachapan Festival 04
Festival attendees not only experienced good music and good news. | New Generation of Evangelists