Prayer rallies being held outside parliament buildings on the eve of UK General Election

By Chris Eyte |
Prayer rallies being held outside parliament buildings on the eve of U.K. General Election
Christian Concern is hosting two prayer rallies in London and Edinburgh | UK Parliament

Two prayer rallies are being held outside parliament buildings this evening (July 3) on the eve of the U.K. General Election tomorrow. Hundreds of Christians are expected to attend the event in two locations, according to rights group Christian Concern.

One of the rallies will be held from 5.30pm to 7pm at the Old Palace Yard in Westminster, London, and the other rally is happening at the same time outside the Scottish Parliament in Holyrood in Edinburgh.

Christian Concern has hosted online prayer streams in the run-up to the election, which has been popular and the in-person prayer rallies will be the culmination of these online prayer events.

"Jesus Christ and his pattern for our lives is good news for all of us in society," explained chief executive Andrea Williams. 

“While there are important differences between what the major parties are offering this election, none of them come close to supporting the big change of direction we need to see the nation flourish.”

The election is already being predicted to be a runaway success for the British Labour Party but many voters remain undecided. Even so, Mel Stride, Work & Pensions Secretary for the current Conservative Government, conceded on the BBC Radio 4 Today program this morning that there would be a wipeout for his party.

“I totally accept that, where the polls are at the moment, means that tomorrow is likely to see the largest Labour landslide majority, the largest majority that this country has ever seen,” said Stride, on the radio program. “Much bigger than 1997 [when Labour won a landslide election], bigger even than the National government in 1931.”

Williams said that members of parliament had dodged issues of great importance to families. 

"Most politicians have largely ignored the need to protect life, to value family and to support freedoms,” she said. “Only a return to these values, which spring from the Christian heritage of the United Kingdom, will give our nation the solid foundation it needs. It is by standing for God's pattern that we can hope to also see the vulnerable cared for, lower crime rates and a strong economy."

Williams called on the Church to be revitalized in the truths of the gospel, which transforms lives. 

“Until the Church realizes that her message is good news for all – that Jesus Christ really is the gospel and that his pattern for living leads to flourishing – we cannot expect the watching world to protect life, value family or respect freedoms."

The Rev. Ade Omooba MBE, co-founder of Christian Concern, recalled how God has acted in history, in response to the prayers of his people. 

“God has done mighty wonders in the history of the United Kingdom when his people united in prayer. We have strayed far from his will, but Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. We are crying out to him for mercy, not judgment.”