CDI launches Spanish edition ‘Diario Cristiano’ to serve Christians in Latin America and beyond

By CDI Staff |
Diario Cristiano Internacional
Homepage screenshot of Diario Cristiano Internacional. | CDI

Christian Daily International (CDI) is pleased to announce the official launch of its Spanish edition Diario Cristiano Internacional today, March 12, 2024. Serving audiences in Latin America and beyond, Diario Cristiano will feature news written by a team based in Latin America as well as stories from other regions translated into Spanish from the English edition.

“In our earliest conversations about CDI, we discussed working towards publishing in as many major languages as possible so that CDI would become a truly global news publication,” said Gordon Showell-Rogers, International Director of CDI.

“We are grateful to God that He has enabled this next step towards that larger goal, with the launch of CDI’s Spanish edition three months to-the-day after CDI’s initial launch in English on December 12th 2023,” he added.

Diario Cristiano’s editorial team is led by CDI’s Latin America editor Javier Bolaños who is based in Costa Rica. Expressing his excitement about the new language edition, he said: “I am thrilled to witness the launch of our Spanish version. The pages of our publication now resonate with the rich tapestry of Latin America, a region pulsating with faith, culture, and vibrant stories.”

“From the heart of this region where the sun kisses the Andes and the rhythm of life dances to the beat of salsa, we unveil our Spanish edition. From the cobblestone streets of Cartagena to the peaks of Machu Picchu, our reports will echo across borders, uniting the faithful in purpose and praise,” Bolaños added.

Commenting on the wider vision of serving churches and believers in every country, Showell-Rogers said: “At CDI, we pray that the news we write and the voices we feature will contribute to greater unity in the global body of Christ. As believers in different regions of the world read about the issues and opportunities that their brothers and sisters in Christ face in other regions, we hope that they will be informed, inspired, and challenged to pray for and stand with one another.”

He also pointed to CDI’s commitment to reporters from each region telling their own stories, creating a greater sense of authenticity, and raising voices which might otherwise not be heard in global conversations.

“Language is central to storytelling, so we are praying that we will soon be able to add other language editions to more effectively serve believers in even more places,” he said. Pointing to a growing network of news and content partners, he added that “CDI is also working in partnership with existing Christian media in various regions and languages, aspiring to strengthening their work, so that we can together provide news and stories that edify the global Church.”

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