Christians take an active part in the anniversary celebrations of Lima, Peru's capital city

By Javier Bolaños |
Lima, Peru's capital city
Located principally in the city centre or Cercado de Lima and Rímac areas, the Historic Centre of Lima is among the most important tourist destinations in Peru. | Javier Bolaños

Lima, the dynamic capital of Peru, celebrated its 489th anniversary last week. This year's festivities were noteworthy for the significant participation of evangelical churches in the celebrations, as the city was brimming with music, culture, and tradition. The Municipality of Lima prepared a program for the entire family, which included concerts, artistic presentations, and fireworks.

Evangelical churches played a central role in the celebration with the Federation of Evangelical Christian Churches of Peru organizing a Thanksgiving Ceremony to honor the anniversary of the city. According to the event's organizers, "This ceremony was an opportunity to give thanks to God for the blessings received and to contemplate the role of faith in the city's life."

The mayor of Lima, Rafael López Aliaga, attended the event and thanked evangelicals for their prayers for his work. "The participation of the evangelical churches emphasizes the significance of faith in the life of the city and offers a vision of how faith and tradition can join together to celebrate history and culture," said López Aliaga.

Pastor Reynaldo Aragón, who hosted the event, expressed his gratitude to the mayor for attending and urged those present to pray for the thousands of families living in each of the districts in Lima, which has a total of 46 districts and 12 million inhabitants.

Lima's anniversary celebrations this year highlighted the city's diversity and cultural richness. The festivities were an unforgettable event, featuring a mix of music, culture, tradition, and faith. The Municipal Folkloric Ballet Program took center stage in the cultural variety with a presentation full of color and tradition.

Before taking its present name, Lima was known by the Spanish colonists as the "City of the Kings". The name Lima was linked to the Rimac River, a Quechua word meaning "the talking river." Over time, Limaq became Lima.

The Historic Center of the city is home to the Government Palace, the Cathedral, and the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima. Religion and administrative management have a particular connection in this area.