Sex gender education videos for kids as young as 3 years old castigated by Spanish lawyers

By Chris Eyte |
Catalonian Government video shows pregnant father to child
A screenshot from one of the Catalonian Government films depicting a child meeting a pregnant father |

Attorneys from the Spanish Foundation of Christian Lawyers (La Fundación de Abogados Cristianos) have filed a legal challenge against the local government in Catalonia for showing inappropriate gender sex education videos to children as young as three years old. 

The lawyers presented the case before the Administrative Litigation Court of Barcelona today (June 5). The appeal asks for the Generalitat of Catalonia to withdraw the video stories made by three LGBT+ associations for the Department of Equality and ban them from schools. 

The Catalonian government injected 55,000 Euros ($60,000 USD) of public money into the creation of the cartoon videos, which feature practicing homosexual and transgender affirming depictions for children. 

The content of the video stories for children aged three-plus includes a father explaining to a child that his other father is pregnant. A description given by the filmmakers says the material for that age group is [translated] “to establish healthy relationships and bonds between equals that respect coexistence, diversity and gender equality.”

The next age group for six to seven year-olds contains video content “that introduces non-normative gender identity and the use of toilets.”

Another story for children aged eight narrates that a pregnant woman should never be asked if she is expecting a girl or boy – but rather a penis or vagina with an inference that sex identity is only chosen after birth. 

A video for eight to nine year-olds is said to “help you to value equality and respect family diversity, rejecting stereotypes that may imply any form of discrimination between people.”

The Spanish Foundation of Christian Lawyers told Christian Daily International that the court has been asked to provide the “entire file” on the video presentations since there are no specific details as to which schools have already shown the films. 

Polonia Castellanos, the group's president, said that teaching content to children at such a young age “serves to confuse them.”

“There are already countries that are reversing their policies on transsexuality and there are numerous studies that point to the harm caused to minors with this type of content,” Castellanos said, recalling that “in addition to the harm caused to minors, it is a flagrant violation of fundamental rights.”

In a statement, the Christian lawyers claimed the video stories “are a violation of the fundamental rights of the person.” The lawyers allege that the material violates the right of parents to freely educate their children (Article 27.3 EC), protect childhood and youth (Article 39.4 EC) and affect the duty of the Administration to be both neutral and objective (Article 103.1 EC).

The appeal is being registered in court and is yet to receive a court number and hearing date.