French evangelicals launch website offering listening service and educational resources for victims and witnesses of sexual violence

By CDI Staff |
Stop Abus

In the summer of 2022, members of the National Council of French Evangelicals (CNEF) launched a website ( where victims and witnesses of sexual abuse can report abuse and also educate themselves on the diversity of sexual abuse with links and sources curated by CNEF. The site also provides resources on how to manage sexual abuse and misconduct within Evangelical churches and organizations.

Resources on the site include a booklet of Good Practices To Combat Sexual Abuse, a Charter Of Commitment To Fight Against Sexual Abuse, and a list of hotlines for victims and organizations that can provide further assistance.

The Stop Abus (Stop Abuse) site also provides a “listening service” for victims and witnesses of sexual violence. It is independent from the church and monitored by professionals who listen to victims and witnesses and connect them with pastoral, psychological and legal assistance according to their needs.

“The listening service is there to welcome victims and allows them to speak freely, and to provide victims with resources,” said former vice president of the NCEF Marc Deroeux. “… It’s also there for organizations to know how to deal with abusers.”

Each reported case is followed up by an advisory and monitoring commission. They inform, as necessary, organizations or churches involved and judicial authorities. They are also in contact with CNEF, the Protestant Family Associations (AFP), the Network of Mutual Aid, and Support to Ministries (RESAM) and the Association of Christian Counselors (ACC France).

In 2019, CNEF brought together a working group to get to the root of sexual violence within Evangelical circles in France. Two years later they released the Good Practices booklet. This website is the most recent fruit of their work to fight against sexual violence.

A CNEF statement describing the website said, “Through this tool, we aim to make our churches more welcoming and safer, in a spirit of protection for vulnerable people who are victims of sexual abuse.”