Zonderkidz and Saddleback Church unveil 'Hey-O Stories of the Bible' storybook

By CDI Staff |
Hey-O! Book cover

Zonderkidz, a leading publisher of Christian children’s literature, has partnered with Saddleback Church, one of the largest congregations in the United States, to introduce an eagerly anticipated storybook Bible titled Hey-O Stories of the Bible. Set for release on October 1, the project draws inspiration from the widely acclaimed YouTube series of the same name, developed by the Saddleback Kids team. With a substantial subscriber base surpassing 700,000 and an impressive 225 million views, the series has evolved into a globally recognized educational resource.

Crafted under the expert guidance of the Saddleback Kids team and devoted pastors committed to delivering the essence of God’s word in an engaging and age-appropriate manner, the animated Bible stories featured in the book remain faithful to the biblical narrative. Comprising nearly 70 meticulously curated stories, Hey-O Stories of the Bible offers readers a multifaceted experience, incorporating QR codes that seamlessly connect to corresponding videos hosted on StudyGateway.com. The online platform serves as a hub for a diverse array of scholarly Bible studies and enriching children’s content centered around biblical themes. Additionally, plans are underway for the development of a Spanish edition of the storybook.

Expressing her enthusiasm for the collaborative endeavor, Megan Dobson, Vice President and Publisher of Zonderkidz, remarked, “We are privileged to collaborate with the esteemed Saddleback Kids team in bringing forth this innovative Bible storybook. Representing a pioneering effort, this project bridges the realms of digital media and traditional literature, catering to the evolving needs of modern families. By integrating the physical book with access to supplementary videos, our aim is to cultivate a deeper understanding of scripture and foster meaningful family engagement.”

Charlotte St. Hilaire, NextGen Creative Content Pastor at Saddleback Church, echoed Dobson’s sentiments, stating, “The realization of this project marks a significant milestone for our children’s ministry. What initially commenced as an initiative for our congregation has transcended boundaries, resonating with audiences on a global scale. We eagerly anticipate the far-reaching impact of Hey-O Stories of the Bible as it disseminates the timeless message of God’s love and the teachings of Jesus to countless households.”

Hey-O Stories of the Bible will be a welcome addition to faith-based children’s literature and religious education, promising to equip families and communities with a valuable resource for nurturing spiritual growth and understanding.