• UK PM postpones deportation flights to Rwanda until after July elections amidst ‘deep misgivings’ by Church leaders

    United Kingdom Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has postponed the plan to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda. Speaking during a campaign rally, Sunak said that the flights to Rwanda will commence immediately after the July 4 elections, if his Conservative Party wins the snap elections. Sunak had vowed that the flights will commence in July “come what may” even as the Labour Party pledges to reverse the policy if it takes over the government. 

  • Which worldview fits?

    Freedom to do what we want – rather than what we ought – is deceptive. Yet we live in a society where the right to be free to do what you like is widely accepted. It’s called liberalism. We are autonomous individuals, we are told, free to pursue self-interest, free to discover our ‘authentic selves’. At the same time, freedom is a concept championed by Christian thinkers throughout history. Freedom of conscience, closely linked with freedom of worship, is the keystone of all freedoms. Luther’s i


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