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  • After years of harsh weather events, Texan churches face sharp increase in insurance costs

    By Chris Eyte US & Canada

    Costs of insuring Texan churches in the U.S. following a wake in natural disasters, an increase in construction costs, and underwriting challenges for the specialized risks involved, are hiking premium costs by tens of thousands of pounds and threatening the existence of much-needed ministries. Baptist Press (BP) highlighted the issue in a comprehensive report published on Tuesday (July 16) entitled ‘Perfect Storm leads major insurers to drop churches.’

  • US President Joe Biden ends re-election campaign, endorses VP Kamala Harris

    After weeks of mounting pressure from mainstream media, fellow Democrats and donors following a weak debate performance against former President Trump, President Joe Biden announced today that he will “not accept the nomination” as Democratic candidate for the upcoming presidential election in November. Instead, he encouraged his party to rally behind his Vice President Kamala Harris as the nominee to run for the presidency.

  • Tributes are paid to respected SBC migrant advocate after drowning accident

    Baptists around the world are paying tribute to a former refugee, later turned respected advocate for migrant rights, Minh Ha Nguyen, after he drowned in the sea off a beach in North Carolina, U.S. on Monday, July 15. “He helped shape our stewardship strategies and our efforts to evangelize the largest cities in the world, but also served our SBC family in ethnic ministry in the U.S. We rejoice in his eternal reward even as we grieve with his family, with hope.”


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